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Mission 3

Streamlining Automation Development and Delivery
Boost your speed to value with best practices in automation development
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What this mission is

Ready to hit warp speed with your automation development? If you're looking to decrease time to value, Mission 3 will put you on a fast path. Teams who choose Mission 3 are often responsible for scaling their programs to new parts of the organization, transitioning to a federated or co-federated model, or simply need to deliver faster to achieve quicker ROI.

Why embark on this mission

Team efficiency. Greater maintainability. Compliance. Collaboration. Reduced technical debt. What automation program doesn't want to achieve these goals? Mission 3 helps teams either adopt or fine-tune development best practices for their automation program as it grows, leading to lower costs, greater productivity, and increased ROI over time. If you are on a quest to reduce delivery times while building quality automations, Mission 3 will help you get there faster.

What this mission entails

This is a mission that 90% of Pathfinders choose on their automation journey because most automation programs reach an inflection point where they want to deliver greater organizational impact with trust and excellence at scale. In Mission 3, content focuses on helping you make an impact through optimization, including how to:

    What you will focus on in Mission 3
    • Creating or expanding repeatable templates for both Process and Solution Design Docs
    • Fine-tuning documentation standards for each stage of the automation lifecycle, including test cases
    • Creating bot shells or bot templates to accelerate delivery, regardless of whether teams are on site, offshore, federated, centralized, or supported by a deployment partner
    • Curating a library of reusable assets to drive faster development cycles with trust and quality
    • Laying a path to detailed code analysis
    • Identifying and deploying both attended and unattended automations
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    Take the Pathfinder Assessment to evaluate where you are on the automation journey and get actionable next steps to grow. Or, learn more about Pathfinder Mission Control.

    If you want to transform your automation development into a well-oiled machine of precision and speed, then Mission 3 is your ticket to success. In this mission, we'll dive deep into the art of automation craftsmanship. Here, it's not just about getting the job done - it's about doing it brilliantly. We'll equip you with the skills to refine automation practices, ensuring they're efficient, scalable, and seamlessly integrated. From enhancing design and development processes to rigorous testing and deployment strategies, Mission 3 empowers you to produce automations that aren't just good - they're exceptional.

    Supercharge your automation designs, align with industry best practices, and set new standards for excellence with every automation you deploy.

    Key Components of Mission 3

    As you're building an efficiently operating delivery team, this mission plan will provide you with the nuts and bolts you need to establish an effective development lifecycle, centering on a few components:

    Automation design

    Automation design

    Create a process to move from business requirements (the "ask") to a completely designed solution ready to be developed.
    Automation development and testing

    Automation development and testing

    Efficiently and effectively develop high-quality, reliable automations through an established set of best practices, testing, leveraging reusable assets, and validating code quality.
    Automation documentation and deployment

    Automation documentation and deployment

    Establish and maintain automation development lifecycle (ADLC) best practices to meet the needs of your organization.
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