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Automation Lead Training.
Navigate program growth. Scale your impact.
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Ready to get hands-on training? Start now - for free.

Start with a focus on building your program's foundation to kick start your digital workforce.

Accelerate your business impact by developing leadership skills for the five pillars of successful automation programs.

Scale your program by learning how to expand automation across the enterprise.

Why choose Automation Anywhere University's Automation Lead Training

As an automation lead, you will be accountable for successfully managing and scaling your automation program.

What you'll do
  • Build a strong, data-driven automation program.
  • Nurture a team of knowledgeable, innovative automation professionals.
  • Grow a pipeline of high-value automation opportunities.
  • Optimize your automation development process in collaboration with your automation developers.
  • Gain executive buy-in and build team enthusiasm about automation.
How you'll make an impact
Help your organization

Help your organization

Help your organization achieve its strategic goals through automation + AI.
Lead your team

Lead your team

Lead your team to producing high-value, high-impact automations across business units.
Expand automation

Expand automation

Expand automation throughout the enterprise to unleash productivity in knowledge workers.
Gain momentum as you build your Automation Lead skills.

Stack skills with easy-to-follow courses and hands-on practice. Add to your professional portfolio and earn badges by completing each phase.


Gain essential skills to kickstart your automation program.

  • Develop a clear and compelling vision for your automation program.
  • Establish your Center of Excellence with an operating model that aligns with your vision.
  • Implement best practices for automation development and testing.
  • Create a structured profess for documentation and deployment.
  • Cultivate executive sponsorship and engage stakeholders across your organization.
Earn the Automation Lead Start badge

Earn the Automation Lead Start badge


Focus your efforts on making a greater impact with your automation program.

  • Implement and refine your program's operating model to support faster growth.
  • Develop an opportunity intake and prioritization strategy to focus your team's efforts on the use cases with the most impact.
  • Explore citizen development initiatives, and begin building a Community of Practice.
  • Leveraging the support of executives and enthusiasm of employees to expand your automation program.
  • Apply metrics and tracking mechanisms to measure and showcase the program's success and growth.
Earn the Automation Lead Accelerate badge

Earn the Automation Lead Accelerate badge


Now that your program is a well-oiled machine, you'll put energy into enterprise-wise expansion.

  • Develop strategic plans to promote automation adoption across the entire organization.
  • Leverage AI and machine learning (ML) to tackle complex and high-value use cases.
  • Strengthen your use case assessment process for more complex and high-impact automations.
  • Enhance your operations to meet the high-demand for automation from across your organization.
  • Guide citizen developers to build their automation capabilities, and expand your Community of Practice to drive continued engagement.
Earn the Automation Lead Scale badge

Earn the Automation Lead Scale badge

Resources for your Automation Lead Quest
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Join the Pathfinder Community

Connect with other Automation Leads in our free community.
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Be In-the-Know

Read the latest insights and articles for Automation Leads.
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How Automation Anywhere University Works for You
Find your starting point

Find your starting point

Review the descriptions for our brief video-based courses to explore the best starting point based on your existing experience. Each builds on one another so you can keep moving forward once you get started. Plus, the content is on-demand, so you can learn when it works for you.
Test your new skills

Test your new skills

Solidify your skills with hands-on practice. As you progress, we'll provide opportunities to test your new knowledge and skills in a safe environment.
Rev up your resume

Rev up your resume

As you make progress through your specialized training, you'll earn badges that validate your skills and knowledge. Plus, you'll have the opportunity to earn industry-recognized certifications.