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Mission 7

Hyperscaling Across the Enterprise
Leverage generative AI to supercharge the impact of your intelligent automation program
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What this mission is

Generative AI is here, and its impact is exponential, especially when it comes to intelligent automation applications. With this potent technology, you can scale faster through generative AI-powered decision-making and automation development. Mission 7 provides a step-by-step plan to hyperscale across your enterprise by harnessing the power of generative AI.

Why embark on this mission

Remember when you started your automation program? Pairing generative AI within your intelligent automation program means returning to those basics. You need a strong foundation for this new technology to ensure effective governance and compliance, while working to capture its tremendous value. Mission 7 helps you rapidly implement generative AI and solve enterprise-wide business problems more efficiently.

What this mission entails
    What you will focus on in Mission 7
    • Assessing the company landscape to determine how and where generative AI fits
    • Building an airtight business case for generative AI expansion
    • Selecting your pilot generative AI use case
    • Forming a generative AI-specific Center of Excellence (CoE)
    • Defining and communicating compliance and governance standards
    • Taking your pilot efforts on a roadshow to expand your impact across business units
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    Explore more ways to grow with Pathfinder

    Take the Pathfinder Assessment to evaluate where you are on the automation journey and get actionable next steps to grow. Or, learn more about Pathfinder Mission Control.

    Whether you're building a brand-new automation program or nurturing an established, successful program, you likely can envision the impact automation can have across your enterprise by unlocking robust new use cases. In Mission 7, we've designed action plans to take your program to the next level, leveraging the most recent intelligent automation solutions, expanding use cases with AI-powered decision-making, and enabling generative AI-automation development.

    Today, even the leanest teams can leverage the benefits of AI. That should be you, too!

    Key Components of Mission 7

    Generative AI capabilities and accessibility are proliferating. They are now a fantastic lever to propagate intelligent automation across your enterprise. These key focus areas for Mission 7 enable automation programs to innovate and automate by leveraging the power of AI:

    Program vision & goals

    Program vision & goals

    Create a vision for your automation program demonstrating thought leadership, program maturity, and understanding of your organization's business and technology landscape.
    Automation design

    Automation design

    Create a process to move from business requirements (the "ask") to a complete, designed solution ready to be developed.
    Automation development and testing

    Automation development and testing

    Efficiently and effectively develop high-quality, reliable automations through an established set of best practices, testing, leveraging reusable assets, and validating code quality.
    Unlock Generative AI

    Unlock Generative AI

    Transform your automation program, expand use cases, and enhance services, and deliver even more ROI through the power of AI.
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