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Mission 1

Establishing a Foundation for Automation Success
Fast-track success by focusing on your foundation first
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What this mission is

If your team recently inherited an automation program or your organization has restructured due to acquisition, divestiture or post-pandemic reorganization, this mission is designed for you. Start here to find and deliver quick wins while building a strong foundation for ongoing success.

Why embark on this mission

Launching an automation program can feel overwhelming. There are a few core elements to focus on that make a program successful: clear goals and objectives, effective governance, robust change management, strong technical capabilities, a collaborative culture, and commitment to continuous improvement. How, and in what order, will you tackle these fundamentals from Day 1? Mission 1 provides turn-by-turn guidance to help you lay a strong foundation for automation program success.

What this mission entails

Most organizations in the quick-start phase struggle with use case identification, delivery execution, and ensuring they have the right staff in place, trained up with the right skills, and aligned to overall program goals. That's why we've focused Mission 1 content on:

    What you will focus on in Mission 1
    • Determining specific, achievable goals and gaining a clear understanding of where your team is headed and how they'll measure success
    • Crafting a short "elevator pitch" deck that outlines your program vision, goals, initial roadmap, and how to engage with your team
    • Establishing a simple intake method for new automation ideas
    • Identifying the first "low stakes" use cases to give hands-on experience to your developers
    • Plugging your team members into role-based training courses
    • Creating repeatable templates for both process and solution design documents
    • Establishing documentation standards for each stage of the automation lifecycle
    • Creating a persona-based skills roadmap for your team members to mature in automation competency over time
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    Take the Pathfinder Assessment to evaluate where you are on the automation journey and get actionable next steps to grow. Or, learn more about Pathfinder Mission Control.

    Embarking on your automation journey can be daunting, but we're here to help. In Mission 1, we'll guide you through setting a solid foundation that enables you to deliver tangible results quickly. You'll gain the confidence and knowledge to avoid the most common pitfalls and overcome obstacles. As you're getting started, time is of the essence, so we've curated a set of actions to fast-track your automation program, build momentum, and demonstrate the value of intelligent automation within your organization.

    Key Components of Mission 1

    As you start to build your automation program, focus on these key components that make automation programs successful:

    Opportunity intake and process discovery

    Opportunity intake and process discovery

    Define the requirements for taking in ideas for automation and establish a channel for submissions.
    Use case assessment

    Use case assessment

    Weigh the pros and cons of each automation opportunity.
    Pipeline management and opportunity prioritization

    Pipeline management and opportunity prioritization

    Determine which use cases help your organization meet its automation objectives and enable your program to flourish.
    Automation design

    Automation design

    Create a process to move from business requirements (the "ask") to a complete, designed solution ready to be developed.
    Automation development and testing

    Automation development and testing

    Efficiently and effectively develop high-quality, reliable automations through established best practices, testing, leveraging reusable assets, and validating code quality.
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