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Mission 4

Scaling Your Team for Success
Discover models and methods that fuel your program and people for growth
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What this mission is

If you're ready to expand your program, Mission 4 will help you focus your efforts on creating a solid foundation that supports growth. You'll focus your energy looking inward first, optimizing your teams, talent, and operating model, and exploring how to build upon your current success while forging a path for long term growth - for both your people and your program.

Why embark on this mission

How confident are you that you've got the people in the right roles with clear responsibilities? Do they all understand and follow your processes? Are they all working toward they same north-star metrics? Mission 4 will help you clarify and optimize your operating model to meet the needs of the business, including:

  • Launching/scaling recruitment
  • Defining roles and responsibilities
  • Establishing a strong operating structure
  • Creating team alignment and momentum with metrics
  • Mapping career journeys to support employee development
What this mission entails
    What you will focus on in Mission 4
    • Creating a definition of team goals with an emphasis on what you want to achieve by scaling your team
    • Determining your go-forward operating model and team hiring plan
    • Building a metrics strategy to capture and share value of operational and performance metrics
    • Developing a crawl-walk-run strategy to fine-tune your delivery practices
    • Mapping a role-based training journey to support team goals and career progression across roles
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    Automation leaders rely on a clear operating model to ensure that automation efforts meet business needs. However, effectively staffing your team to implement that operating model is even more crucial in a competitive talent market. Mission 4 is here to help you focus on laying a solid foundation that supports growth by clarifying and optimizing your operating model and creating role definitions, career journeys, and the recruitment plan you need for long-term success.

    Mission 4 takes a larger-picture view of how multiple teams and people collaborate toward success.

    Key Components of Mission 4

    Your future all-star team starts right here! Building your team requires you to focus on these key components:

    Program vision and goals

    Program vision and goals

    Create a vision for your automation program that demonstrates thought leadership, program maturity, and an understanding of your organization's business and technology landscape.
    Delivery model

    Delivery model

    Establish a mature, optimized delivery model to ensure your automation program follows best practices to deliver automations efficiently and effectively.
    Program operations

    Program operations

    Define best practices that enable supportability and scalability as your program grows, from control room management to technical architecture and device management.
    Staff training and certifications

    Staff training and certifications

    Create a persona-based roadmap for your team to ensure they have the skills and resources necessary to support your program's goals.
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    Mission resources are available to Automation Anywhere customers and partners after completing the Pathfinder assessment. If you're a customer or partner, please log in to access this page.